Infant Dentistry

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As your child reaches the six-month milestone, an essential step in their healthcare journey awaits: the first pediatric visit. This visit marks a pivotal moment in your child’s development and sets the stage for a healthy future.

Your child’s initial pediatric appointment allows Dr. Smit Dangaria to closely monitor your child’s progress, providing invaluable insights into their developmental trajectory. From assessing growth patterns and motor skills to ensuring age-appropriate milestones, the first visit offers a comprehensive overview of your child’s dental wellbeing.

Beyond physical health, the pediatric visit acts as an opportunity to address any concerns or questions you might have as a parent. From feeding practices to oral hygiene at home, this is the time to gain expert guidance on how to help your child learn healthy dental habits at an early age.

Your child’s first pediatric visit is not just a medical appointment; it is a foundational step in securing a bright and healthy future for your child. Our pediatric dentist and team encourage you to bring your child to Shining Stars Kids Dental for their first visit around six months or when their first tooth erupts, and no later than their first birthday. By taking this proactive approach to your child’s well-being, you are investing in their growth, development and overall happiness. Call us at 323-922-2260 to schedule their first pediatric visit in Los Angeles, California.

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