Pediatric Tooth Extractions

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Pediatric tooth extractions are sometimes necessary to ensure your child’s healthy smile. Although the idea of extracting a child’s tooth can be daunting, rest assured that modern dental techniques and caring professionals like our pediatric dentist make the process as smooth as possible.

There are several reasons why a pediatric tooth extraction might be recommended. This includes cases where a tooth is severely decayed, infected or damaged beyond repair. Extracting such teeth can prevent the spread of infection and alleviate discomfort.

The procedure itself involves numbing the area around the tooth, ensuring your child’s comfort throughout. Dr. Smit Dangaria uses gentle techniques to remove the tooth while minimizing any pain or anxiety. Post-surgical instructions will be provided to aid your child in a speedy recovery, which typically involves avoiding certain foods and maintaining proper oral hygiene.

If our pediatric dentist and team suggest a tooth extraction in Los Angeles, California, trust our expertise and know that they have your child’s best interest in mind. By addressing dental issues promptly, you are ensuring your child’s oral health and preventing potential complications down the road. Call us at 323-922-2260 to schedule your visit at Shining Stars Kids Dental, where we can see whether your child needs a tooth extraction based on their dental condition.

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